Avoid a Vortex Ring State: How to Properly Descend Your Multirotor

If you’ve ever lost control of your multirotor during a descent, it’s likely you entered a dangerous phenomenon known as a Vortex Ring State. Even if you haven’t experienced it personally, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of the countless YouTube videos documenting the poor fate of various multirotors. In order to prevent this from […]

finished air gate

DIY Air Gates for FPV Racing

Something every FPV racer needs to help hone their skills are a few air gates. They are challenging obstacles that require you to fly low to the ground while making precise adjustments on the sticks. This is a cheap, easy to build solution for DIY air gates (and air flags/pylons). As a disclaimer, I can’t take credit […]

Should You Log Your Flight Time?

I started thinking about this after watching an episode of Tested (flight log mentioned at 12:10) where Adam Savage was talking about flying his DJI Inspire 1. Adam wanted a way to record information about his flights to include flight duration, weather conditions, batteries used, location, windspeed, who was in attendance, and any pertinent notes. His solution […]

Lumenier QAV250 Build, Part 1: Power Distribution Board

I’ve been wanting to get into FPV racing for a while now and YouTube has definitely helped in feeding that desire. I got hooked on CharpuFPV’s videos and since I loved his flying style I decided it only made sense to figure out what machine he was using. After reading about the QAV250 from Lumenier I pulled […]